Yep, it’s just a formality and you have to do it every six months or so…

❁ sister signs ❁


it is very important that people know their sister signs, because the compatibility between two tends to get disregarded when in actuality you are the yin to their yang— their other half! it is likely that you may have had a friend/friends or a crush/crushes that were your sister sign (or the sister sign of your moon sign).

aries ➥ libra
taurus ➥ scorpio
gemini ➥ sagittarius
cancer ➥ capricorn
leo ➥ aquarius
virgo ➥ pisces

I’m not used to being loved. I wouldn’t know what to do.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, More Than Just A House (via fitzgeraldquotes)


Whipping! Whipping! Whipping!


Since consulting-stalker told me to take the Problematic Tile Type test, and since we got ” #SHERLOCK IS GAY ” and ” #JOHN IS BI ” (My result is the first one, the second is the result my Sherlock got), I wanted to use those things in something, whatever, because it was too damn hilarious to have something that was so Johnlock (actually our whole life is Johnlock, at this point I think we create the Johnlock with every little thing we do. (?) LOL)

So… I had to do this. It’s quite simple but I needed to. I also make one for my Sherlock. Now I wonder where we will use it… lol

We’re Johnlock that’s why~ <3
We should use them somewhere because somehow we always end up getting matching Johnlock thingies~



*white kid from 90’s tv show on bed throwing baseball up in the air and catching it while staring at ceiling*


Researches have found that cats can recognize their owner’s voice yet haven’t found out why cats don’t care what their owner’s have to say.



"So, the balance of probability is …?"


Maid Eren gives me life.


LOOK, we made a teaser! [x]

Baby, I'm a Sociopath